Get started by filling out the online application. They’ll make sure you fit thier (and your city’s) requirements,

then let you know when you’re road-ready.



Be at least 21 years old.

Pass our free, online DMV and background checks.

Use an iPhone or Android smartphone.



Meet your city’s vehicle age requirement

Have at least four doors, not including jump doors.

Offer five to eight seats, including the driver’s.



Have a US driver’s license for at least one year.

Provide proof of insurance and (in most cities) a car inspection.

Submit a photo of yourself.




How To Drive For Lyft

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Get Paid with Express Pay or Direct Deposit.


Express Pay is the Lyft-exclusive feature that allows drivers to cash out whenever they want, instantly. 

This feature uses push-to-debit technology, which lets drivers access their earnings with a tap of a button after earning at least $50 and paying a $0.50 transfer fee. Most deposits appear right away, depending on the bank.

As a Lyft driver, you are your own boss. Express Pay brings the same flexibility and control that drivers have in the car to their bottom line

*Depending on drivers’ banking institutions; most drivers will receive instant deposits, some banks won’t allow funds to appear until next day; transaction fees apply.



How To Get Paid

Frequently asked questions. ( From


I already have a job, so can I just drive a few hours in my off-time?

Absolutely. You choose when you drive. Some drivers make more than $800 just driving Friday nights and weekends.

How do I get paid?

Drivers get paid for every trip on a per minute and mile basis. Money is deposited into your account each week automatically, or you can cash out instantly with Express Pay.

Is Lyft safe?

Our community’s safety is our top priority. We run extensive background checks on drivers, provide up to $1M commercial automobile liability policy, and designed numerous safety features into our app. Passengers must provide a valid credit card and phone number for identity verification purposes. Drivers and passengers also rate each other at the end of a ride, so that we’re always upholding our high community standards.

What are Lyft’s requirements?

You must be at least 21 and own an iPhone or Android phone. As part of our approval process, you’ll undergo a DMV check, plus a national and county background check. This will require a Social Security number, in addition to an in-state driver’s license that is at least a year old. Learn more about our background check standards on our Safety page, and our comprehensive driver requirements in the Help Center.

Your car needs to have four external door handles and at least five total seat belts. You must be a covered party on your car’s in-state insurance, and have in-state license plates. We’ll confirm all of this during your 19-point vehicle inspection. Cars have Lyft age requirements too, which can vary by state. See your state-specific requirements.



Frequently Asked Questions